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With all this recent talk of Agalloch I don’t want to forget myself here and neglect to remind you that another  ground-breaking band has a new record out this month. Solefald. Today is the perfect day for such a reminder because the band released the first single off the album, a tasty sonic morsel titled Vitets Vidd I Verdi on their myspace page for all to enjoy. If you’ve listened to Solefald in the past I’ll warn you right now so you’re not caught unawares, it’s very different. That being said, if you’ve listened to and/or enjoyed Solefald in the past you probably already know to expect the unexpected. 

Vitets Vidd I Verdi will appear on Solefald’s new record, Norrøn Livskunst, which is slated for release on November 15 through Indie Records. You can view the full track listing for Norrøn Livskunst after the jump. 

Norrøn Livskunst track listing:

01. Song Til Stormen
02. Norrøn Livskunst
03. Tittentattenteksti
04. Stridsljod, (Blackabilly)
05. Eukalyptustreet
06. Raudedauden
07. Vitets Vidd I Verdi
08. Haugferdi
09. Waves Over Vallhalla (An Icelandic Odyssey Part 3)
10. Til Heimen Yver Havet

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