Slumber (SWE) Calls It Quits


I just about puked stomach acid and bile all over myself this morning when I read the first few lines of a press release stating that Slumber, an absolutely top notch melodic doom/death metal band from Sweden you should know, had broken up...

Just breath baby, we'll get through this.

In reality though, Slumber didn’t really "break up" so much as go through a minor line up change and don a new name; Atoma. Phew. In further good news, Slumber’s highly anticipated follow up to their 2008 opus Fallout, Resonance, will still see the light of day, thank the gods, only under the new moniker and title Skylight.  Right now you can head over to Slumber Atoma’s Myspace page and listen to a preview of "Skylight"

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