Prostitute Disfigurement is Back!


Do you like how I added an exclamation mark to that title as though I was really excited for the band’s return? Little did you know, that until I received the email in my inbox announcing the band's return with a re-vamped lineup, I had never so much as heard of this Dutch outfit. According to a friend I talked to about the news, it was a “travesty” I had never listened to them. I was quickly set up with a few choice tracks and upon a full listen, I wasn’t sure if what I heard were four separate tracks or one singular body of work. Call me crazy, but I like to at least kind of understand the lyrics (even if they are grunted); the only thing stopping me from going fully into one of my diatribes about the vapidness of this band is the fear of them seeking me out and doing what I assume from their name, what they do to prostitutes. However, since I know at least one person that is a full-fledged fan of the band, I figured I would share with you the news of the band’s return to the metal sphere.
According the band, they have reunited with their previous guitarist Niels van Wijk (I want to know how to pronounce that), and have added to the mix Danny Tunker on lead guitars. Their live debut with the new lineup is scheduled to be at the Death Fest Open Air in Germany, and new material is being written, perhaps as we speak. You can check out a track from the band above.

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