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A few things...

-I finally got around to it today and I’ve spent the better part of my afternoon cleaning out the forum of all the crap (advertisements) that was clogging up the pipes. So, please if you are advertising a band/website/etc. that’s ok, but do keep it in the right section! Otherwise I’ll have to go all Gandalf on the bridge of Khazad-dûm on your asses and ‘you shall not pass’! Also you’ll be banned.

-By popular demand, we’ve also included a Traditional/Heavy Metal thread where, once again, if you are advertising STAY OUT but otherwise enjoy.  We’re sorry we didn’t do this sooner.

-Finally, if there is anyone that’d like to volunteer for the position of forum moderator, shoot me an email! Josh[at]metalcallout.com. We are in need of someone who can help us keep everything is in its proper place and running smoothly. There will be perks.

Now go, enjoy a brand new tidy forum and if there’s anything you see that needs fixed let us know!

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