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Here’s Not Strong Enough from Apocalyptica. The video below is actually supposed to feature the vocals of Hoobastank's Doug Robb because the band was unable to secure the rights to feature the vocals of Shinedown's Brent Smith. That didn't stop them from including Smith's vocals on their latest album, 7th Symphony, but I guess after some legal issues they re-recorded with Robb. Seems a little late though, doesn't it?  When I went to get the video for the Robb version, the "legal" version it was "unavailable" in my region. Whatever that means. Apocalyptica's guest vocalist troubles are confusing. Remember that whole thing with Rammstein?  


Pretty much I don't think the following video was supposed to ever see the light of day but here it is:

Any good? I don't usually bother with Apocalyptica if there are vocals on the track.  

Now the video y'all should be excited about. The mother f'n Crown is back! Reformed, they released the album Doomsday King late last year and this video for the title track yesterday:

I'm amazed by how many people I've talked to, fans of the genre, that had no idea the band reformed. They've got a new vocalist, Jonas Stalhammer (of God Macabre), but otherwise have retained the same line up from the earlier days. The music also picks up just about right were they left off with all the speed and maniac thrashing from their golden years still intact. When I say the Crow is back, I mean it. Doomsday King was not at all what I’d expect from an ageing band coming off a seven-year hiatus. If you haven't given it a proper listen yet, you're doing yourself a great disservice.   

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