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Oz is back! It's been for-fuckin'-ever since their last album, Roll the Dice, was released. 20 years to be precise. Most of you were probably in diapers. I was in diapers! I'm not that young but I learned slower than the other kids.

To give you a point of reference, my father listened to Oz when he was about my age. It's been a long time.

Nevertheless, they released a new track today, Dominator, with an accompanying video and while it doesn't exactly sound like the Oz you (or your parents) were in to, it's good. Watch:

On the heels of this video comes the news that Oz will be releasing another album, Greatezt Blitz, sometime this year. Within the band promises you'll find both new songs and some re-recorded classics.

Look for more information on that, here, in the near future.


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