New Video || Equilibrium- Der Ewige Sieg


Metaphor much?

I must have been fast asleep at the computer the day this came out because it’s certainly something that would have grabbed my attention or perhaps the band simply released it quietly.  Given the fact that they are on Nuclear Blast who is not quiet about anything, I doubt the latter is true but whatever the case may be, I dropped the ball.  

A new Equilibrium video! Hooray! And what’s better, it’s not entirely made up of performance/live footage, though there is some of that in there, and the rest is footage of the band climbing through a cavern and to the top of a mountain. I would be willing to bet there is more at play here and this is perhaps a metaphorical exercise of the band’s struggle to the upper echelon of the folk metal realm. Or something. Just watch it and let us know what you think in the comment section.

The album from which this song was taken, Rekreatur, is out now on Nuclear Blast Records. 

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