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Karma to Burn is usually the kind of band I stay away from; I know not to judge a book by its cover but I really don’t like their name and I’ve never heard anything remarkable about the band.  I clicked ‘play’ on their most recent video release ‘Waiting on the Western World’ strictly out of professional curiosity and strangely, found myself somewhat pleased. 

Karma To Burn is actually an instrumental band, but on this track they enlisted Year Long Disaster front man Daniel Davis to perform vocal duties.  After watching the video I’m a lot more interested in hearing the band sans-vocals and a lot less interested in hearing Year Long Disaster (not that I was interested in them to begin with).  Check out the video above and leave us your thoughts in the comment section.  Karma to Burn has a pretty extensive back catalogue, so if any of you dear readers out there have a suggestion on which record a guy like myself should start with, let me hear it in the comment section as well.

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