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This video may be the absolute worst one I’ve seen all year. Little more than just a collection of disturbing images and stock footage (did anyone else notice that most of the footage had the History Channel logo on it?) this video screams amateurism. I could have thrown something better together in my freshman video editing class.

Besides its amateur visuals, the content makes apparent the fact that whoever threw this together has little understanding of real issues and their relevance in today’s society. Instead, it came across as your average high school aged, “I’m mad at the republicans because the media told me to, McDonalds is the reason people get fat, I hate oil but drive my dads old 1996 Blazer around town with a ‘Go Green’ sticker on the back”. Basically your typical self-help guru-ignorant counter culture-bullshit. The sad part is these people are not high schoolers—not even college age. To give you and idea, Detente was formed in 1984; they are old (newly reunited), and this video for all intents and purposes is old, my rant probably is too, so I digress.

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