Nevermore Cancels 2011 North American Tour Dates But… The Lords Of Local Metal Is On!



No? I don’t think many were. But yeah, Nevermore is off the tour. First Soilwork jumped ship and now them. Bummer. I was waiting to post this new until the band released a second statement as to why the cancellation but I haven’t seen anything all day so yeah… sorry Nevermore fans.

The good news is that those of you reading this in Utah and her surrounding areas now have even more of a reason to attend Metal Call Out’s very first Lords Of Local Metal show -- which was initially competing with the tour -- this Saturday (April 16) at The Music Garage in SLC. There you’ll enjoy a brilliant evening of the finest metal Utah has to offer all for the low, low price of 5 bones. The line up includes local legends Visigoth, Shadowseer, Speitre, Gravetown, and Malignant Inception. Go ahead and click on all those bands’ names to view their Facebook pages, listen to a few tracks, gaze upon their august faces, and make up your mind to come and bang you head with us that night! 

We’ll see you there. And once again, sorry Nevermore fans, this blows.

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