Megadeth's Exclusive Song For Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock


So I guess Dave Mustaine wrote and Megadeth recorded a new track exclusively for the new Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock game.  The song titled Sudden Death will appear as part as a special bonus level of the game in which you must have all star powers unlocked and I gather you have to have beat the game to do so.  I'm not very Guitar Hero savvy.  From watching the video above though, it looks ridiculously hard. So much so that I would venture to say if you can play that as well as those three dudes do, stop wasting your time and learn to play the real guitar.  Still, the song sounds really cool and if only I could hear it with out the host’s constant interjections and annoying Guitar Hero sound effects I would be happy about it. 

Megadeth has had a relatively good run in the video game soundtrack industry, recording songs for a number of sports games and Grand Theft Auto. Mustaine also wrote an exclusive track for the movie Bill and Ted’s Bogus Journey called Go To Hell, a video for which you can see after the jump. 

Go To Hell:

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