Korpiklaani: ‘ Kunnia’ Finnish and English Lyric Videos Released


Last week we brought you some of the details of Korpiklaani’s forthcoming new album, Manala, including that it would be released in Finnish and English. So naturally, as they released a new song from said album today, they did so in both languages.

Myself, I’m partial to the Finnish version, it sounds more natural, but they’re both pretty good.

Further proof this album probably will not disappoint their fans.

Whether it will make them any new ones, however, is unlikely. The Forest Clan and, indeed, folk metal in general you either do or you don't and my experience has been that there really isn’t any one album that can change that...

Let’s be honest though.

If there was, it would be an Arkona album not Korpiklaani.

Below: the track Kunnia in Finnish and English respectively.  

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