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Korn (I can’t figure out how to do the backwards “R” thing on my computer) has a new album coming out on July 13. The album in question is titled ‘Korn III- Remember Who You Are’ and as the name implies, Korn are supposedly making a return to their roots.  

The band's very first single from the album, ‘Oildale (Leave Me Alone)', will make its debut on MTV2 in just a few days but if you want a little taste of the band's new (old) sound they have a track you can download right now for free.  The track ‘Are You Ready To Live’ can be yours as of 11 a.m. this morning for the next 24 hours through Roadrunner Records.

I haven't gotten around to downloading the track yet, so in the meantime if anyone wants to take an opportunity to persuade or dissuade me from doing so, the comment section is all yours. 

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