In Flames: Title Of New Album and Something About Korn


Neither of these stories is in anyway related except by dreadlocks:

I heard a little rumor today that the new In Flames album is to be titled Sounds of a Playground Fading. Which, if you ask me (and in a way you have since you’re reading this) is a little gay. Sorry, that’s not PC. Is a little weak. Maybe it’s some epic concept not yet known to me, or a deep, meaty lyrical theme but it’s reminding me of the title of Korn’s last record for some reason and we all know how well that worked out… At any rate, In Flames have wrapped up recording on this album and are in the process of mixing it now. We’ll have more on that soon. 

Related, bitches. 

Speaking of Korn: They’ve decided to follow up the abomination that was their last record (and the many preceding it) and are currently working on new material. How exciting! According to an interview Zoiks! Online recently did with Korn’s guitarist, Munky, the band is looking to capture their shit live sound (not a direct quote) with the new record and hopefully bring some of the old “fire and excitement” back to recording.

I’m defiantly feeling the fire… the fire of another abysmal record crash and burning its way through the sonic atmosphere yet hailed by critics far and wide and infuriating people everywhere.

We’ll have more info on that never. 

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