DevilDriver to Record in Old Hell Paso


DevilDriver announced that they would be entering Sonic Ranch studios today to to begin recording their new, yet-to-be-named album.  Sonic Ranch is located just outside my old stomping grounds of El Paso, TX and is one of the premier recording studio complexes in the United States.  Let me tell you why:

-El Paso is a relatively relaxed and slow paced town (awkwardly situated next to the current murder capitol of the world!) where musicians can focus their recording through the hot days and enjoy the extraordinary Mexican-influenced dining and night life after.

-The Sonic Ranch is the largest residential recording complex in the world!  With five specially designed studios on a 2,300 acre pecan orchard.

-State of the art equipment that is constantly updated and over 200 instruments, mics and amps to choose from.

-The Sonic Ranch is home to over 30 original Salvador Dali lithographs, an original Motown engineering board in a beautiful mastering room that reflects and inspires art.

-The Sonic Ranch has recorded everyone from the Madonna to the freakin’ Jackson 5.

-Did I mention the food? You can have it all in El Paso, from amazing BBQ to the greatest hole-in-the-wall Mexican joints the planet has to offer.

El Paso is simply an amazing place for bands to really lose themselves in the writing/recording process.  Free of harsh geographical or metropolitan influence, with a nice slow pace and friendly people, it’s not surprising so many artists have chosen it as both the labor room and birthplace of great albums.

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