Check Out This ‘Big 4 @ Yankee Stadium’ Trailer


On September 14 the legendary Big 4 of Thrash, Metallica, Megadeth, Anthrax, and Slayer, will be performing again for a US audience in the Bronx, New York at Yankee Stadium. Tickets for this event go on sale today through Ticketmaster and will run you anywhere from $90, for a seat in the upper deck where you most assuredly will not be able to see a fucking thing, to $225 for front general admission (Yankee stadium holds 52,325 people-- do the math on that, kiddos). This show marks only the second time that The Big 4 have played together in the United States, the first time being just last month in Indio, California.

See a new trailer for the show after the jump.

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