Burzum, Belus Proceeds To Go To Haiti Relief


Alright, you can file this bit of news under weird.  It would seem that Burzum’s label, which ‘Belus’ will be released, is donating a portion of the proceeds to benefit victims of the Haitian earthquake.  Seriously?  In the same press release announcing the Haitian funds, Burzum's frontman/only man, Vikernes stated the following: “It was the dark, the Dionysiac, and that is a force no man can control. Instead, I pursue the pure and honorable, which includes racial purity for Norwegians, and helping those who suffer misfortunes in life.”   The album ‘Belus’ will be released worldwide on March 8, including Haiti on Byelobog Records.  I guess if any Haitians wanted to listen to “racially pure” music and help themselves, a simple trip to the local earthquake ravished record store will do the trick.

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