Behemoth Frontman Diagnosed With Leukemia, Needs Bone Marrow Transplant


A few weeks ago we brought you rather sad news of Behemoth’s front man, Nergal, having been diagnosed with a serious illness and as a result canceling the rest of the band’s tour dates for the year. At the time no one was sure exactly what was going on with the iconic frontman, it was known that it was serious but it hasn’t been until recent press releases that we found out he has leukemia.

This situation has become even more dire with the announcement that Nergal’s body was not responding to the chemotherapy and a bone marrow transplant would be needed. Unfortunately  his fiancee Doda, who readily offered up her bone marrow, does not look to be a close enough match to donate to her husband to be.

Behemoth’s record label, Metal Blade, is encouraging everyone to learn about marrow donation not only to help one of extreme metal’s most popular leaders but to help prevent loss of life for the countless others out there struggling with the same disease.

More information on marrow donation can be obtained here.

For the time being, Nergal, real name Adam Darski, is being treated at the hematology division in Gdansk Medical University Hospital in Poland. Metal Call-Out wishes Nergal, his friends, and family all the best through this trial.

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