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I know I am a little slow on the uptake here but I’m getting to it now. I guess after parting ways with long time vocalist John Bush -- Anthrax got in contact and ultimately reunited with Mr. Joey Belladonna, their vocalist from 1985 to 1992. I don’t really know what this means because I haven’t followed Anthrax for quite a while, but opinions are like assholes and I really couldn’t go anywhere on the internet this past week without needing to crawl out of one in the end. So, what the hell, I figured I would add my own opinion to the mix: “Don’t care.”

What I do care about though, is that I’m going to miss the Big Four of Freakin’ Thrash playing in the Sonisphere Festival this summer, being thousands of miles away from even the closest date. But if I could make it, I wouldn’t give a rat’s ass if it was John Bush, Joey Belladonna or Jason Rosenfeld (actually I might care if it was him, but you get my point). Immediately after playing dates at the Sonisphere, the band is said to be flying back to the States to record a new album releasing sometime in 2011.

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