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Later this year the German funeral doom outfit who we’ve been hot on since ‘09, Ahab, will release their third album titled The Giant. The cover art for which can be viewed below:

This really disappoints me. See, a few years back we gave Ahab props on their good choices for cover art but this one is the exception. It’s a complete departure from what we’ve come to expect (admittidly, not always a bad thing..but keep reading) and I can’t help but feeling like it’s pandering to a certain crowd...

You know. A certain 'in' crowd. 

Anyway, I shan't judge a book by it’s cover--the music within may be stellar.

You never know.

Napalm Records will be releasing this album, the official date for which has not been set yet.

The Giant track listing: 

01. Further South
02. Aeons Elapse
03. Deliverance (Shouting At The Dead)
04. Antarctica The Polymorphess
05. Fathoms Deep Below
06. The Giant
07. Time's Like Molten Lead (digipak and vinyl bonus track)
08. Evening Star (vinyl-only bonus track) 

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