Agalloch REsigns with Profound Lore Records


It was announced today that the legendary dark metal troupe Agalloch would be resigning with former record label Profound Lore.  Profound Lore and Agalloch go way back to the early days of both the band and the label where they released the original vinyl versions of Pale Folklore and The Mantle, which I happen to be listening to as I type this. 

The band is currently working on an all-new record that has been much anticipated by fans since the release of 2006’s Ashes Against the Grain.  No official release date has been given as of yet, but it’s reassuring just to know the band is in the studio and some new, first-rate Agalloch tunage will be tickling our eardrums soon (but never soon enough).  We will be sure to keep you updated on all the going ons as soon as we know more.

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