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Happy November, everybody! It’s already shaping up to be a good one because I got a tip this morning from a reader that turned me on to a new Agalloch track, The Watcher’s Monolith, Sterogum is streaming here. While you’re over there, they've also got a brief Q&A Sterogum conducted with with Agalloch's main man, John Haughm, to check out in which he details the circumstances of an illness that prompted the band to write The Watcher's Monolith

The Watcher’s Monolith will appear on Agalloch’s new album, Marrow of the Spirit, the track list for which you can see after the jump and the cover is the picture above. We’re just about four weeks away from Marrow’s release which is slated to hit stores on November 23 through Profound Lore Records. 

Marrow Of The Spirit track listing:

01. They Escaped The Weight Of Darkness [3:41] 
02. Into The Painted Grey [12:25] 
03. The Watcher's Monolith [11:46] 
04. Black Lake Nidstang [17:34] 
05. Ghosts Of The Midwinter Fires [9:40] 
06. To Drown [10:27] 

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