3/29/11- Heavy Metal News Round-Up || Feat. Hammerfall, Inflames, U.D.O., Wormrot


This smattering of heavy metal news is brought to you by BK Triple Stackers and Charmin Ultra...

I’m tired and I have a fat kid hangover today. Last night Sparks and I went to the Jazz game where we received a generous meal before the game and all you can eat popcorn, nachos, and beverage in the suite at half-time. Because apparently we are both gluttons for punishment, we also decided staying up ‘till two and finishing the adventure off with triple stacker hamburgers from BK was a good idea too. As I drove home, panic embraced me in her cruel arms when I realized I had to work the next day.

I was at my desk before Sparks though. I win!

My body, dear body, however, does not. My brain is not functioning at full capacity and I haven’t been able to get though all the press releases in my inbox without needing to take a brake to declare war on the toilet*. But the show will go on!  

Enjoy a smattering of the day’s heavy metal news in one convenient post while I recover and regroup.

*Bands awaiting my replies/reviews/blurbs, this applies to you too. I’ll get to it, I promise.

On April 8, Hammerfall will release the single, One More Time though Nuclear Blast Records. The single will of course feature the track One More Time as well as a live version of the band’s Hallowed Be Thy Name. In anticipation of this release, if you head over to Hammerfall’s Facebook page you can listen to the song before it’s release.

One More Time will appear on the band’s latest offering, Infected, which is set to release on June 7. 

After the jump: details on the forthcoming U.D.O. album Rev-Raptor, a conversation on the new Wormrot video, and In Flames inks a deal with…


Century Media Records. 

For the release of In Flames’ tenth studio album, Sounds Of A Playground Fading, the band has signed on with Century Media who will release the thing on June 21.

Look for more on this, here, soon.

Does anyone else think that limited edition boxes, digi-packs, bonuses, and vinyl releases have gotten out of hand? For instance the new U.D.O. album, Rev-Raptor, will be released in so many different formats that I can’t keep them all straight and will need to refer you to B-mouth for more details. One even comes with a flask and belt. Awesome? Yes. Necessary, prudent? Not at all. 

I love it.

Rev-Raptor will be released on May 20. Jot that down, kiddos. This is going to be a good one. 

[Snippets of an actual conversation. Guess which one I was.] 

Dude, check this out.



What the fuck?!


Where’s the rest of the video?

That is the rest of the video.


That’s the whole song.

It’s only 30 seconds long.

36, actually…

Semantics. Who the fuck are these guys?


Worm Wrought?


Worm Watt?

Wormrot. W-o-r-m-r-o-t.

That song’s only 30 seconds long.

36, bitch.

Wormrot’s new album, Dirge, will be released on May 3.

I don’t like grindcore.

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