Shiny Pennies || Aeternitas - Breathing Life


  • Artist: Aeternitas
  • Title: Breathing Life
  • Album: Holocaust Of Reason
  • Track: 1
  • Year: 2009
  • Length: 5:56 minutes (10.35 MB)
  • Format: MP3 Stereo 44kHz 240Kbps (VBR)

I have talked about this one before, but only briefly and in case y’all forgot, here it goes again. 

Aeternitas released their debut EP The Holocaust of Reason in late October of last year and by the end of the year I proclaimed it one of the best metal releases in 2009. In case you thought its late release date had something to do with it being fresh in my mind and therefore bestowed with my “one of the best” labels, you were mistaken. Even after listening to many of my other picks for 2009, Aeternitas still reigns among the top and I will do you one better than that and say it's one of the better albums I have heard in an entire 365 day period.

Aternitas has a melodic passion and purpose that you are all too often unable to find in a band that does not still have its youth. Sparks and I have talked about such things recently, relating that perhaps it was its youth and this bands no-strings-attached approach to their six-song mini epic that made it so good. Well, that and the benefit of having an extremely talented lineup. Despite their youth, the band plays together like seasoned professionals and creates an atmosphere rich and symphonic whilst not sacrificing extremity, but none so much that this music isn’t approachable. No label, no sold out stadiums, no bullshit, this band really has got something going and I hope for the listeners sake they continue to carry on despite the undeserved lack of press. 

This is a band you will want to support and you can do so by purchasing their CD directly from the band here for $15 including postage to anywhere in the world. They also have tees and a combo pack for you to choose from for just a pinch more.

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