Ahab: ‘The Giant’ Track Streaming


Once again I find myself at a computer with no speakers, unable to preview something I’m recommending you listen to. This time it’s a new track from the German funeral doom outfit Ahab titled The Giant, from the album of the same name. I’ve been all brambles in the panties to hear something, anything off this new album since I was taken back by the cover art and here it is but I’m still a few hours out from having my doubts confirmed or crushed under a mountainous wave of genius nautical doom.

That’s okay though.

I can wait.

All I ask is that you, friendly reader, have a listen and leave us your thoughts in the comments’ section. I want to hear how you liked, or didn’t, this new track as I’m sure our other readers who may be in a similar predicament as I do too.

Go forth:

The Giant is the title track off Ahab’s forthcoming record, due out May 25 on Napalm Records. 

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