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I’ve been in contact with the good people over at Rive Videos for the past few days here, they are a music video promotion company covering a wide range of genres but specifically we’ve been talking about getting some metal music videos sent our way we might not have ran into otherwise.

I don’t think I have to tell you why that’s a good thing.

So one of the bands the gentleman I’ve been talking to mentioned yesterday was Lo-Pan, a sort-of Kyuss-Sabbath-Tool(?) hybrid from Columbus, OH that was here, in Utah, just last night.

But I missed ‘em.

Had I known sooner, I probably would have been there instead of at home with my nose buried deep in a book because they fucking rock.


And there you have it. For more about Lo-Pan, visit their Facebook.

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Or whatever the internet equivalent of “tuned in” is.  

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