New Video || Overkill- Electric Rattlesnake


 It’s ironic that a band named Overkill should be so underrated, isn’t it?

Talk about overkill, the “Big Four” gets ten times the press coverage of these guys but haven’t released an album in fifteen years that could go toe to toe with any of Overkill’s last few. Yet they remain, for the most part, ignored, unknown or undervalued.

I’m as guilty of contributing to that as anybody.

Case in point: This new video for Electric Rattlesnake fucking slays but I only just noticed it while perusing Metal Storm and was pleasantly surprised, yet wholly unaware, that they had a new album out.

Shame on me.

Electric Rattlesnake and nine other, sure to please, tracks can be found on Overkill’s new record The Electric Age, out now on Nuclear Blast. 

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