New Video || Immortal- All Shall Fall


That was awesome! Exactly what an Immortal video should be: snow, corpse paint, mountains, all four members of the band, and Abbath’s amazing crab dancing skills. Sure nothing much is going on save a few ravens flying around and the band playing their jam atop a snowy summit but you won’t catch me giving a shit -- this is Immortal’s first video in almost 15 years! I’m happy to get anything at all.  I know that this somewhat  wholly contradicts many of the statements I made yesterday about "band's and their crappy forest videos, blah, blah, blah". I know. Immortal is one of a few exceptions.  

All Shall Fall is the title track off Immortal’s latest record out now on Nuclear Blast Records. If you don’t already own a copy that you’ve spun the hell out of, I’m sad for you.