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Sigh. I wasn’t around the office at all yesterday, and sifting through my inbox today leads me to believe that it was a wise choice--otherwise I would be sitting around annoying everyone with how I have “nothing to write about”.  On the downside, I had planned on sharing with our readers two videos I assume would be of interest to most, given both bands have reached "legend" status.  Even if you are into the kvltest black metal recorded in caves, no one can turn down Iron Maiden (a video from whom we have coming up). 

I can, on the other hand, take or leave Dream Evil. I was just shooting the bull with my buddy and we both admitted to having only really listening to Book of Heavy Metal despite both of us being power metal maniacs (him much more so than me). I really liked that album but nothing else of theirs has ever really reached out and grabbed me.  One should not be surprised then that I haven't heard Dream Evil’s latest effort In The Night from which the track in this video is taken.

Having never listened to the album I can’t say for certain that the crowd cheering noises throughout the video are not on the album version of the track, but I am guessing no producer is stupid enough to go for that. I wouldn’t mind a few crowd cheers added in in the beginning or towards the end but holy shit, they are all the way through. What’s worse is it just sounds like the same sample looped over and over again. I can only assume they did that to distract you from the vapidity of this otherwise yawn-inducing video.

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