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We had the chance to sit down with Mike (guitar) from DevilDriver last week and do an interview and, while I admit due to some technical issues with the sound it was a little bit of a mess, with the magic of editing it came out pretty good. And it left me stoked for the new record.

We'll have that up for y'all's delight or anguish next week but it the meantime, why not check out DD's new video for Dead To Rights?

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As far as videos go it's so-so. You know the old formula; performance shots, incomprehensible storyline, band shots again, something creepy, band shot, end. It's like the whole verse, chorus, verse, bridge, chorus thing. Whatever. The song, though, is pretty fucking (God, I hate this word) brutal. I like it.

Remember, Beast will be released on February 22 on Roadrunner Records.

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