New Video || Bonded By Blood- Prototype: Death Machine


Ugh... new wave of thrash metal. NWOTM, if you will. I wonder if that’s what this recent trend will come to be known by to future metal fans? Whatever you want to call it, I don’t much like it. Sure, I may be a crotchety old metal head hesitant to embrace any new trends in the genre -- but I’ve given nu-retro thrash an opportunity to prove it’s self to me and it’s just not working out. I’ll take some tr00 retro-thrash over this any damn day (see what I did there?).  

Anyway, Bonded By Blood’s latest album Exiled To Earth is out now on the aptly titled (at least in this instance) label Earache Records. Who’s website I would link you to right now if you didn’t have to go through two very annoying and loud splash pages to actually get to. 

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