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Apocalyptica’s new video for Sacra looks, at first glance, a lot like one of the other million time-lapse tribute videos Youtube is famous for, but it’s not.  Well... it actually sort of is, but it’s still pretty cool. I enjoy the occasional time- lapse film (like this one of a guy driving cross country in four minutes, which is actually also a music video) and what else could Apocalyptica really have done? Four cellos in a white/black warehouse and some aggressive angles?  Four cellos in the forest with some unseen evil lurking in the shadows? Four cellos in a bar with beer bottles flying everywhere and some girl sexy dancing around them? 

No, I think not.  I like this just fine. 

Be sure to pick up a copy of Apocalyptica’s latest record 7th Symphony, where you’ll find Sacra and nine other tracks of cello-y goodness, out now on Jive/Sony Music. 

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