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I love Apocalyptica -- ask anyone that knows me and they will confirm this. And while I know they couldn't go on forever just covering Metallica songs, I really don’t like the road this group of amazingly talented young men have gone down lately. Plays Metallica With Four Cellos and Inquisition Symphony were amazing records but since then, their chosen array of guest musicians and vocalists have left much to be desired. Most recently this video featuring Bush frontman and guy that bones Gwen Stephani, Gavin Rossdale, sounds like... dad rock. *shutter*

The track above comes off the band's forthcoming record 7th Symphony due out August 23 and features the likes of Rossdale (as stated above), Brent Smith of Shinedown, Lacey Sturm of Flyleaf and perhaps in an effort of redemption, Joe Duplantier of Gorjira and Dave Lombardo of Slayer.  The cover art is cool too, you can take a look at it after the jump but I can’t help but fear this will be yet another Apocalyptica record I play once then bury. Here’s hoping for the best!


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