Hump Day Buster (Video Edition) || Battle Beast- Enter The Metal World


We’ve made it! Over that proverbial hump and straight on into the weekend, we go. If you’re reading this locally, you probably already know that that means an Amon Amarth show this Friday! An Evening With Amon Amarth, to be exact. If you’re going, look for Sparks and I-- we’ll be there, probably in the back, devouring hamburgers and grunting. At any rate, it’s been a rough one today, which calls for a very special Hump Day Buster. So here’s Battle Beast, a band only recently introduced to me but ever becoming a classic, with their new music video for Enter The Metal World

Battle Beast’s debut, Steel—which features Enter The Metal World and ten other amazing tracks, was released this year and is available through Hype records. 

[Again, many thanks, Itkovian.]

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