Hemoptysis- M.O.D.


We like Hemoptysis, not the medical condition where you cough up blood, but the Tempe, AZ death/thrash act that you should have heard by now. But if you haven’t, this new video’s a pretty good place to start. Hemoptysis, as usual, delivers unbridled brutality, technicality, and a bunch of other “alitys” I’m too lazy to mention here. After watching this video if don’t, at the very least, appreciate Hemoptysis, I will personally deliver these six minutes of your life back to you. Don’t you worry yourself with how because you won't need to take me up on that. Watch: 

M.O.D. and ten other tracks of equal or greater value are available on Hemoptysis’ self-released debut full-length Misanthropic Slaughter.

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