Gojira: Pro-Shot Footage of Entire Vieilles Charrues Festival Performance


I seldom get around to following what is going on in the world of Gojira (call me crazy but they've just never really “done it” for me) but I noticed today by way of Blabbermouth that they are streaming a video of their entire performance at the Vieilles Charrues Festival in France (similar to what Insomnium and Dark Tranquillity have done recently) so I thought I’d share. 

Despite being on an overly large stage and separated by well over ten feet from the audience, these guys put on one hell of a show. I’m not yet a fully converted Gojira fan but it’s nice to see a band at home on the stage, playing tight and fully committed to giving fans their dollar’s (or Euro’s) worth.  Fans and skeptics alike ought to commit at least a few minutes of their day to checking this out.