Dying Fetus- ‘From Womb to Waste’ Video


On the very same day I received a comment from a reader about our “suspicious lack of Dying Fetus” on the site, a promotion company sent me the following video from, you guessed it, Dying Fetus for their track From Womb to Waste. Now I’m not so paranoid as to immediately assume there is a conspiracy afoot here, but this seems a little too “convenient” to be serendipitous…

But I digress.

No matter if it is the fates or manipulation at play, here’s some Dying Fetus. And I promise to pay better attention to news regarding them in the future.

From Womb to Waste comes of Dying Fetus’ new album Reign Supreme, which one reviewer I read describes as “dazzling”.

So there’s that. 

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