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While I was out of town on my Texas adventure, Dark The Suns, a gothic-death band based in Finland released their very first video for the track 'Unbroken Silence'. The song is from the bands 2009 album 'All Ends In Silence' out now on Firebox Records.

Dark The Suns first hit the scene in 2007 with the release of their debut album 'In Darkness Comes Beauty', a melancholic and doomy work, light on production, in the vein of early Swallow The Sun.  Perhaps a bit heavy on commercialism, pop and formula, 2009's 'All Ends In Silence' is masterful nonetheless. Clocking in at just over 44 minuets, you shouldn't find yourself bored listening to this album.  However, if you're a Slumber fan as I am, you might find yourself bracing for the band to reach their excellence but falling just short. Low points aside, I highly recommend this band and even dub it- 'Deathscript tested, Deathscript approved'.  For fans of: Swallow The Sun and Slumber

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