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Today Swedish experimental metallers, Meshuggah released a 2-disc CD/DVD set titled 'Alive', in digipack.  The double album features the band playing live and special bonuses, the 'Bleed' music video and 'The Making of Bleed' featurette. Meshuggah has, in their 23 years, released six studio albums, five extended plays, and numerous music videos; but 'Alive' is the first release of its kind. 'Alive' is available now through Nuclear Blast Records. See the cover and track listing after the jump.


         DVD (Live)
  1. "Begin"
  2. "Perpetual Black Second"
  3. "Twenty Two Hours"
  4. "Pravus"
  5. "Dissemination"
  6. "Bleed"
  7. "Ritual"
  8. "New Millenium Cyanide Christ"
  9. "Cleanse"
  10. "Stengah"
  11. "The Mouth Licking What You've Bled"
  12. "Machine"
  13. "Electric Red"
  14. "Solidarius"
  15. "Rational Gaze"
  16. "Moment"
  17. "Lethargica"
  18. "Communicate"
  19. "Combustion"
  20. "Humiliative"
  21. "Infinitum"
  22. "Straws Pulled at Random"
  23. "End"
         Bonus Material
  1. "'Bleed' Music Video"
  2. "The Making of 'Bleed'"
  3. "Micha Guitar Tour"
  4. "Tomas Drum Tour"
       Audio CD (Live)
  1. "Perpetual Black Second"
  2. "Electric Red"
  3. "Rational Gaze"
  4. "Pravus"
  5. "Lethargica"
  6. "Combustion"
  7. "Straws Pulled At Random"
  8. "New Millenium Cyanide Christ"
  9. "Stengah"
  10. "The Mouth Licking What You've Bled"
  11. "Humiliative"
  12. "Bleed"
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