Hellebaard Fourth Album "Fier"


The Dutch pagan black metal band Hellebaard has finished its fourth album "Fier".

The album will be released by Gardarika Musikk in the second half of November 2009.

"Fier" will contain the following pagan black metal hymns:

1. Hellebaard
2. Vleugels van Vuur
3. Bloedbroeders
4. De Eeuwige Strijdvelden
5. Verborgen Stad
6. Ravenklauw
7. Fier
8. Letum

Two songs of Hellebaard's new album, "Hellebaard" and "Fier, can be listened
at http://www.myspace.com/hellebaard. More band information and a biography
can also be found on this profile.

For more news and updates, follow Hellebaard on Twitter:

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