Finntroll- Under Bergets Rot | New Song Streaming


On February 22nd, Finntroll will release their sixth studio album, "Nifelvind" in Europe, then on March ninth in the US. You can check out the song, "Under Bergets Rot" from "Nifelvind" streaming on their MySpace page. I am ashamed to say that I am not as familiar with Finntroll as I probably ought to be. I don't know why really, I enjoy plenty of folk, but for whatever reason Finntroll became that band that you perpetually tell yourself to check out, but you never do. However I did listen to the new song a few times, and although I had nothing to compare it to, I really, really enjoyed 'Under Bergets Rot'. Starting early February, Finntroll will take to the road with Eluveitie in support of "Nifelvind" hitting cities all through Europe and the US. Check back for dates that we will update soon.

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