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Saturday Aug 1st, 2009
Los Angeles, CA
Seventh Generation Records 

Calling all metal, grind, crust, and punk fans to experience the onslaught of the HELLBASTARD/RESISTANT CULTURE U.S. tour this fall!

HELLBASTARD, the thrash metal/crust punk band from the UK formed in the early ‘80s after meeting at a SUBHUMANS gig. They were one of the first bands to combine CRASS-like politics with a metallic sound. They're considered to be the namesake of the crust genre, which spawned from their Ripper Crust demo. They went on to appear on the Combat-Earache compilation album Grindcrusher in 1990 with their song "Justly Executed" from the Natural Order LP.

They reformed in 2007 and have been touring Europe and recording. The fall U.S. tour will be in support of their upcoming Discography CD on Shaman Records.

Co-headliners RESISTANT CULTURE are often called LA's "tribal grindcrust warriors". They're rooted in the original L.A. grindcore scene going back to the early days of punk/metal crossover. Today they weave the indigenous flute, rattle, tribal drum, and chant into an organic and flowing tapestry with contemporary extreme music. Terrorizer magazine describes them as "fearsome, atmospheric and apocalyptic...the soundtrack to the world you've just destroyed."

Their vocalist, Anthony Rezhawk, is now the vocalist for grindcore co-founders TERRORIZER, whose members went on to MORBID ANGEL and NAPALM DEATH.

In 2004, Jesse Pintado (R.I.P.) from NAPALM DEATH/TERRORIZER recorded and played live as a guest guitarist with RESISTANT CULTURE and was featured on their CD/LP Welcome to Reality.

Subsequently in 2005, Rezhawk joined TERRORIZER to sing on their comeback album Darker Days Ahead and has recorded a new 2009 TERRORIZER demo with Katina Culture on guitar (also of RESISTANT CULTURE), and the legendary grindcore/death metal veteran Commando Pete Sandoval (MORBID ANGEL). They're currently negotiating with labels on a new full-length release.

For fans of grindcore, metal, crust, and punk music, the HELLBASTARD/RESISTANT CULTURE tour will be like a traveling exhibit of the genres' legacies spanning two continents and two decades. See you in the pit! Claws up!

Show details, directions, tickets, and flyers are available online at: www.resistantculture.com/community/us-tour-09

Check out HELLBASTARD at http://www.myspace.com/rippercrust

Check out RESISTANT CULTURE at http://www.myspace.com/resistantculture

Thu 9/3 Studio Seven
Seattle, WA

Sat 9/5 - Satyricon
Portland, OR

Wed 9/10 - The New Oasis
Reno, NV

Fri 9/11 - Gilman
Berkeley, CA

Sat 9/12 - JMC Club

Sun 9/13 - Chez Monieux
Tempe, AZ

Wed 9/16 - Blast O Mat
Denver, CO

Fri 9/18 - Emos
Austin, TX

Sat 9/19 - Rubber Gloves
Denton, TX

Sun 9/20 – Hi-Ho
New Orleans, LA

Mon 9/21 - Greencup Books
Birmingham, AL

Thu 9/24 - Barbary
Philadelphia, PA

Fri 9/25 - Europa
Brooklyn, NY

Sat 9/26 - AS220
Providence, RI

Tue 9/29 - The Corner Pocket
Blairsville, PA

Sat 10/3 - The Black Hole
Chicago, IL
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