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Eluveitie released a new track from their upcoming release, 'Everything Remains As It Never Was' on their myspace today. The song is called 'Kingdom Come Undone', the seventh track on 'Everything...' due out February 19th. About the track, the band has said: "It's one of our harsher tracks, where juggernautish riffs meet onrushing folk tunes! And exactly the same furious character also lies in the lyrics. The song deals with Vercingetorix, a gaulish freedom fighter who lived in the time of the gaulish war. His endeavour was to unite the gaulish clans. The song presents you a passionate speech, like he probably could have held it in front of assembled gaulish chieftains. In that sense: This is V... for Vercingetorix!" Listen to 'Kingdom Come Undone'

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