Chris Barretto Joins Haunted Shores


A few months back I did a review of Haunted Shores in which I suggested, after hearing their Final Fantasy cover, they go on as an instrumental duo. Well, just to spite me, they went ahead and enlisted ex- Periphery vocalist Chris Barretto to take the job. I have actually never heard Periphery, nor want to, but Chris' rough vocals on Haunted Shores' latest track, 'When in Oslo', is decent. Or at least would be if not for the random emo-pitched clean vocals interlaced throughout. *sigh* Call me a purist, elitist, whatever--maybe I am. In my defense, I listen daily to tons of metal bands that make use of clean vocals, but I really could live without this one. What are everyone else's thoughts on this development? What about clean vocals, which kind do you like/love/hate in metal? You can listen to 'When in Oslo' here... if you must.

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