Free EP Download || A Dream Of Poe- Lady Of Shalott


Nobody on here can’t tell me they don’t like free. It’s a universally enjoyed commodity, like air. So naturally when a group of guys that call themselves A Dream Of Poe sent me an offering of their latest EP Lady Of Shalott, I jumped on it. Glad I did too, as it has shaped up to be one of the best pieces of off-label doom I’ve heard this year.

Lady Of Shalott is, in short, a beautiful piece of melancholic doom. Slow and sad with an emphasis on atmosphere, this is something any fan or casual listener of My Dying Bride could easily embrace. I’m looking forward to hearing a full-length and much more from these young fellows in the future. 

You too can download a free digital copy of Lady Of Shalott by simply visiting the bands website. 

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