Dawn Of Tears - Cadent Beating | Call-Out


  • Artist: Dawn Of Tears
  • Title: Cadent Beating
  • Album: Dark Chamber Litanies
  • Length: 7:38 minutes (12.98 MB)
  • Format: MP3 Joint ster 44kHz 236Kbps (VBR)

I wanted to take a moment here and share a band I have been listening to a lot of lately, and also give you all a preview of how the ‘call-outs’ are going to look from now. The format change comes in light of some other huge changes on the way that you better keep your eye out for, but we can’t yet divulge. Anyway, Dawn of Tears hails from Spain and has quietly rocked the melo-death scene since 1999. They released their debut album, ‘Descent’ in 2007, followed by the EP ‘Dark Chamber Litanies’ in 2009. Smart lyrics, fast-paced songs, and an emphasis on 'melodic' make Dawn of Tears a worthy listen for fans of the genre. Both albums are available for FREE download on their website at www.dawnoftears.com. Click play for a preview of ‘Cadent Beating’ from 2009’s  ‘Dark Chamber Litanies’.


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