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  • Artist: Silent Sin
  • Title: Played By Others
  • Album: Silent Sin
  • Track: 2
  • Length: 4:08 minutes (9.5 MB)
  • Format: MP3 Stereo 44kHz 320Kbps (CBR)

It’s to be understood that hardship goes hand in hand with being in a band, but I wonder if many bands realize just how lucky they are.  If you ever need a reminder you needn’t look any further than Israel’s Silent Sin, a groove metal band still in high school taking the Israeli metal scene by storm. A scene that up until only a few short weeks ago, I didn’t know existed. In addition to the underwhelming availability of music in Northern Israel, they also have to rent busses and drive many miles just to just play a ‘local’ show. Also take into account the fact that in a few short months, half of the band will start their mandatory term in the military; Silent Sin does all they can to play and record as much as possible. 

I found Silent Sin’s demo in my inbox one day, but there wasn’t a sad story about the hardships of keeping a band together-- there was just a short note and two songs, one of which we have provided for free download. The rest of the story I learned in the following weeks of corresponding with the band and in the end, I have learned a lot about human resolve, but perhaps more importantly that the ‘great divide’ some would have you believe is present between cultures, really isn’t so great a divide after all. 
So with that, I have a question to pose to anyone out there involved in a band locally or otherwise--what trial(s) have you needed to overcome? Where did your drive come from?
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