Metal CallOut's Autumn Outing- Black Dahlia Murder Salt Lake Show Review


Last monday night the Metal CallOut team had their first group outing since its inception in July. We made out way via Jeep Liberty to the Murray Theater in South Salt Lake to see Trap Them, Toxic Holocaust, Skeletonwitch, and The Black Dahlia Murder. Except for a small subway bathroom incident and me (J Deathscript) needing to poo so severely less than half-way through the show I was scared to move, the show was great.

We made it to the venue about halfway through Trap Them's set (sorry guys), but what we did see was great. I had never really heard TT before but I really enjoyed their sludgy, hateful hardcore blend- good live band.
Toxic Holocaust was not as memorable as I had expected. Walking in I assumed their set would be a drunken punk-rock brawl but they were pretty mild. Thats not to say they went good though, the band played about 30 min. of very tight old school metal and the crowd was great. 
Skeletonwitch. Wow. Skeletonwitch was probably the most memorable of the night for me. Singer Chance Garnette's antics were absolutely thrilling to watch, and the fog machine they had going intermittently added a theatrical element to a band whom you could tell has been playing together a long time. SW was very tight and didn't miss a beat, I was really impressed with their drummer Derrick Nau's speed, and the two guitarists Scott Hedrick and Nate Garnette, were sporting twin guitars that looked great. Bassist Evan Linger, played with a fervor usually reserved for lead guitarists. All-in-all Skeletonwitch puts on one hell of a fun show.
Finally The Black Dahlia Murder took the stage and demolished the house. Playing songs from all their albums, The Black Dahlia Murder's set was an all round crowd pleaser. Trevor Strnad talked to me for a few moments before the show and let me know they were going to play 3 songs from Deflorate. Always a down to earth guy Trevor humored us with some pictures and small talk over the overly loud house music. He was in rare form on stage, conducting the audience in between vocals sections that were spot on. 
Monday nights show was a great time, and a great first official MCO outing. Try to catch these bands when they come through your area. 
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