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If you're like me and know hundreds of bands but tend to stick to your core favorites, I don't blame you. The world is huge and the availability of crap metal is vast. However, it may be time to expand your horizons a bit. With that, I bring you a small but very valuable list of metal bands.  Most likely you haven't heard any of these, but should give them a chance--if not a spot in your elitist echelon of music. Following the jump is a list of bands in their respective genre and accompanying website.   (READ ON)

Melodic Death - Omnium Gathering

Black/ Viking /Folk- Dargum        Mannfall        Eluveitie

Death- Exussum        Illdisposed

Thrash- Lazarus A.D.      Gama Bomb

DeathCore  Anterior       At Battles End      Eat A Helicopter

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