The Case For Between the Buried and Me


Between the Buried and Me is not our usual fare here on Metal CallOut, no doubt. But lately I’ve been in a serious musical funk. I can’t seem to find anything that really tickles my fancy the way things used too and so have resorted to old favorites, classical, and some decidedly non-metal acts like Blue Sky Black Death (who’s latest album Noir is just fucking beyond words). One day while sweeping the dust off the lesser-played tracks in my admittedly bloated iTunes, I came across Between the Buried and Me’s album 2007 Colors. “I remember liking this album once.”

So on a whim I listened.

I really listened. I stopped what I did, closed my eyes, and let go. And for the first time in months I found myself enjoying an album that wasn’t more than ten years old. Not wishing it was better or heavier or succumbing to whatever other thoughts that have pervaded my listening experience for so long.

In no time I expect to back. Off my crotchety, skeptical old man train and doing the due diligence to once again discover great bands of yesteryear and today alike. I needed a bridge though; something heavy, something metal but also easily digestible since my palate was not used to this. Oddly enough I found that in a band that exists in a sub-sub genre of heavy metal that I’d typically rather ignore and often even despise.

So yes, you may be seeing a little more BTBAM on the site than usual, I feel like I owe them that somehow.

Such is the case for Between the Buried and Me.

Next time on The Case For… let’s talk about taking a break from heavy metal. Why you should try it if you haven’t already, and what you should listen to instead.

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